Mobile + Howrah cat

I have had 2 skeins of Lamb’s Pride forever. Originally, I used them to start a pair of slippers, but I didn’t have enough – I got 9/10 of the way through one slipper, and realized that extra 10% was going to cost me 2 more skeins, frogged it, and stored away the yarn. I still want those slippers, but now? Now I have a mobile:

I did the thing right, too. I thought about it for a long time, drew it, and considered several options for the materials. I even experimented. In the end, I chose a wooden dowel for the stick part (so technical, I know), crocheted around it, and then wove gray and blue yarn on the ends. For the rings, I used book rings, purchased in boxes of 100 from Amazon. I purchased two boxes, because my drawing was off… See, the one thing I didn’t do was measure the rings and space between the rings before I had the dowels cut. So now I will have a greater number of smaller mobiles, and all with a slightly modified design.

What are you working on? Leave a link to your current project (or a past one that you are proud of) and I’ll edit this post to have a list of links. I want to see!

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  1. says:

    I’ve been so lazy lately that I can’t bring myself to work on anything. And my daughter really wants the sweater I’m supposed to be making her…

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