I’m famous, disorganized, and other various stuffs

The title said it all: I’m famous! Go over to , read my post, then come back here and pity me. Or not. Or something. I’m trying to write a follow-up post for here, to let the two people who read this blog know that my TA and I are ok. I’ll get it written soonish, just as soon as I finish the laundry. Ahem. Laundries? Is laundries a word? I ask because if you could see the smallish mountain sitting on the sofa, you would agree that it should be.

Speaking of disorganized, I am all about the organizings lately. I am DYING from the clutter and crap, DYING I TELL YOU. A friend is going to come over and help me out, which I am so, so very grateful for. Also, I have decided that today marks a new habit: I’m going to do the 7 day spread method of outfit choices. What’s that, you ask? Well, let me elaborate:

TA has a hanging Ikea-like cloth organizer in her closet. It has 5 cubbie holes, so I am going to use one for Sat/Sun and then one for Thurs/Fri. Instead of hanging and folding her clothes (they don’t wrinkle anyway), I’m going to put an entire outfit, including socks, in each. Then, in the morning I’m going to just grab and dress mah grrrl. I’m hoping that this solves two problems: 1) Getting in a laundry-doing groove again and 2) Taking one task I do everyday and getting it done faster once a week. I’ll let you know how it goes.

This Tuesday, my friend and I will be organizing the downstairs closet (if I don’t work). I’ll take before and after pictures, I promise. (Note: It’s so bad, I had to ask my friend, “How many scarves and hats are enough? How many do you really need?”)

TA is more than adorable, this kid is love and joy and sweetness all on two legs. She’s almost walking, and it is the most heart meltingly cute thing I’ve ever seen. Our lastest mommy and me activity is to blow raspberries at eachother. We find this immensely entertaining.

Other various stuffs:

My babette is coming along. I want to do a section a month, so section 2 will be up for your viewing pleasure soon.

I would like to start doing giveaways again, because those were such fun. Any ideas?

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4 Responses to I’m famous, disorganized, and other various stuffs

  1. Claire says:

    Oh wow!!! I missed you!!! For some reason another blog with the same name made its way into my feed and I was so upset – I knew it wasn’t you – but where we’re you?
    I agree with you about the new poor. We are too. But I love all the time we get to be together. I am trying to get a job and I am so resentful about taking time away from my family to work. But I will do it. And I love our free health insurance! Don’t want to give that up to spend half my salary on health jnsurance!
    Go you!

    • Shannon says:

      Clair, I so hear you on the resentment. I totally resent that every minute I work is a minute I am away from TA.

  2. Rhonda says:

    I won’t pity you. Because you don’t need pity. You need someone to tell you that you’re doing the right thing. Because you are. You’re providing for your family the best way you know how. Instead of sitting in a corner doing the “poor, poor pitiful me” thing, you’re working part time (hoping something full time will come along). Yes, you had to ask for help. So what. That’s not a sign of weakness; it’s a sign of strength.

  3. Leslie says:

    Enjoy this time; even though it’s stressful, it’s also amazing to be able to spend it with your girl. Are you supplying? Teachers here can’t even get on the supply list unless they teach French. But aren’t teachers there still paid so little that they qualify for food stamps?

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