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    Posted on July 12th, 2011

    Written by Shannon


    Yes, yes, I know, officially summer began  last month, but, um, I’m in Chicago, remember? Here in the City of Big Shoulders, the great weather gods don’t necessarily jive with what should be, and instead throw us a rainy season. And then a cold patch. And then some more rain, just in case we might possibly have wanted a little more. That, my friends, was June.

    But now it’s July and woot! it’s summer! It’s been GORGEOUS round these pahts, which is to say that it’s been hot and muggy. I love hot and muggy, I really really do. Of course, I would detest it if I didn’t live next door to this:

    Granted,that was taken last year, but you get the idea. There is actually a beach on the other side of those trees, but it requires climbing over big wave breaking rocks. I used to go there all the time for a dip, but now that the TA is learning to swim, we are inconvenienced by a two block walk to a beach with no rockclimbing prerequisite.

    Yep, you read that right: My TA is learning to swim. I put her in the mei tai, and go wading with her. She’s been to the beach three times now, and has thrice again shown herself to be Superbaby. I’m telling you, this kid will put up with anything, and she’ll even like it. Freezing cold water on her feet? You think she’d have cried, right? Not my TA, oh no. She laughed and kicked. The same freezing cold water up to her tummy when a big wave came to say hello? This child squealed and flung herself almost out of the mei tai. I wish I had a picture of the expression on her face: Surprise mixed with delight mixed with THIS IS THE BEST THING EVAR.

    We only stayed in a for a half hourish each time, and only about five seconds of that involved a semi-submerged babyfoot, in case you are considering allegations of child abuse. She didn’t get hypothermia, or a sunburn, and neither did I. None of the bad things that can happen when you mix baby + water came to be (thank heavens), and instead it was a lot of wonderful (which will be repeated today!). It was a short time at the beach, but in those few moments, a hope was affirmed: The beach bum family tradition will continue on for another generation.

    Life is good. Life is so, so good.

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    1. Leslie
      Jul 13th

      Wow – so fun! We’ve had the same non-summer, rain-cold-rain-hot-hot-hot as you up here. I just bought A a swimmis diaper (by Bummis, an awesome cloth diaper company) for use, so far, just at her water table, and she LOVES it! It’s so cute, too. Keep having fun in the sun! (It’s supposed to be hot for a while now for us)

    2. Jul 12th

      I wish we were just hitting summer. Today we hit 103 degrees.

      I so love reading about the adventures you and TA are sharing.

    3. Claire
      Jul 12th

      That’s awesome!
      From a fellow beach bum with a napping baby draped across her:)

    4. Jul 12th

      So glad life is so good for you.

      And please don’t rub it in about the summer thing. It’s been summer here since about, um, March? (Yes, we skipped Spring).

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